Download Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36

Download Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36

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You've heard of Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36, or My Town Hospital Mod Full v2.65,Vacation Hotel Stories Mod (Unlocked) v1.0.0,Pepi House Happy Family Mod (Unlocked),XXNX-App,Pepi Wonder World Mod (Unlocked),Toca Life World Build stories & create your world Mod (Unlocked) + Data, one of the coolest GAMES of the genre Educational.

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Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36 APK latest version is 1.16.36, release date 2021-02-16, and has size 14.2 MB.Developed by ? One Color Games ApS ?, Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36 requires Android version at least Android 4.4+. Therefore you must update your phone if necessary.

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Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36 Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36

Matix is your one stop mental math training solution! ⭐️ It’s powerful, has an easy interface and great challenges. With daily training 💪 you will see results fast and discover your inner math skills 📈 No matter if you are looking for challenging math games or want to train and improve mental calculation in a specific area, this is the right app for you 🌞 Download Matix now for free and start your mental maths success adventure! 🔢😃

• Train, study, learn and drill for your test/exam/school.
• Get prepared and exercise for your job interview.
• Master simple daily todo problems and tasks.
• Great adult and fun kids math solve quiz practice center, all ages!
• Add it to your arithmetic homework, mathematics cards, studies, speed up your skills and get quicker at counting!
• Your daily brain training and basic arithmetic workout/exercise.
• Practice and improve your advanced mental abacus/soroban or vedic mathematics.
• Get fast at solving math problems in your head.
• This is your free, easy one stop mental maths app, go download it now!

Matix features:

🧮 Training:
• Calculation, exercise and drill multiple training modes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponent, square root, percent and tables
• Choose your own digit range in each calculation mode
• You can set 5, 10, 20 and custom time limits, or train without any.
• With or without task limit
• Choose between decimal and integer numbers
• Negative numbers

⚡️ Flash Anzan:
Customize flash anzan to your level, so you can get the most out of you speed mathematics workout, drills and exercises, train mental abacus problems and tricks!
• Set number time
• Set time between numbers
• Set amount of questions
• Set integer range
• Choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or mix them.

↔️ Calc Mean
• Set amount of numbers to calculate the mean from.

🧬 Evolution:
• In an increasingly demanding quiz playground center from table 1 to 20, each table has its own questions and problems cards to master to solve before you can take on the top level. Can you beat them all, and master the final boss level? Great for kids!

⚔️ Challenge:
• Go get challenged everyday in different advanced, quick and fast mental calculation modes with time restrictions, test your speed quiz skill abilities and tricks. You get a statistical overview on your performance. Are you up for this tricky challenge?
• In the leaderboard section you can go fight everyday for your place on the worldwide leaderboards playground, or see who is the most advanced or fastest of your school friends. Get challenged in normal 50 question challenge or Flash Anzan GO, fight for your first place now!

📊 Statistics:
Have an overlook of how much time and questions you have answered and studied. You can also see how you currently perform on each operator.

🎭 Profiles:
Fast switch between 3 different profiles, with each their own settings and theme, great for several users or schools learning scenarios.

🎨 Themes:
• 7 Cool standard themes
• 2 Customizable themes where you can select the color of each menu area and operator
• Day and night theme

2$ To remove all advertisement.
2$ To unlock all Training features.
1$ To unlock single player challenge area.

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Tox is looking forward to see you in Matix 😃

Made a different solution to Tox Attack questions overlapping, making it possible to see all questions at all time.Performance improvements, work done for future improvements.Night theme visual fixes.Minor bug fixes.

Instructions for installing Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36

Click on the saved APK file Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36. You may experience a problem that does not allow installation.
By default, Android phones do not allow the installation of APKs from Unknown Sources (Unknown Sources), please do the following:
-> Open the downloaded Matix | ⭐️ For serious mental math game achievers - v1.16.36 .apk file. You will see a warning message as shown:


-> Click Settings (Settings).
-> Click the Turn button (Turn on).
-> Go back and select the downloaded APK file. Click the Install button (Install).

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