LINE PokoPoko – Play with POKOTA! Free puzzler!

وصف LINE PokoPoko – Play with POKOTA! Free puzzler!

An official LINE game!
LINE PokoPoko, the sequel to the hit Poko series game Pokopang!

Squishy cute blocks shaped like POKOTA, COCO, and JEFF!
Use Clovers and solve the puzzles!

Collect Cherries, get more Adventure Pokopals from the Summons!
Collect Veggies and make your Pokopals even stronger to climb the Adventure rankings!
Give Clovers to friends while you’re at it!

■ Tougher than it looks!
Don’t be fooled by the cute Pokopal blocks! You’ll have to you use your head!
Play on and climb the rankings!
Exchange Clovers with friends to play even more!

■ Tons of events!
Time-limited stages, bingo stages, gift stages, and more!
You won’t be able to stop!
During tie-up events, get your fortune told to get Clovers and Cherries!

■ Fun adventures!
Use Cherries and get more Adventure Pokopals from the Summons!
During tie-up events, get exclusive Pokopals to add to your collection.
The more Veggies you collect, the stronger your Pokopals will be!
Power up those Pokopals and bring the blue sky back to Poko Forest!

About the game:
– An epic Clover exchange system!
– Rankings for both Adventures and puzzles!
– Cute and refreshing puzzles featuring POKOTA the bunny!
– Tons of event contents like fortunes and event stages!
– The rules are easy; but the puzzles get harder!
– A cousin to Tsum Tsum and Puzzle TanTan, brought to you by LINE!

■ You’re sure to enjoy this game if…
– You enjoy other LINE games like Tsum Tsum, Pokopang Town, Pokopang, Puzzle TanTan, POP 2, POP Chocolat, Brown Farm, HELLO BT21, CHEF, LINE PLAY, Doraemon Park, and Pixar Tower!
– You like cute items like Cherries, Clovers, and Veggies!
– You love cute animals, especially bunnies!
– You like soft squishy puzzles.
– You like to know your fortune.
– You like adventure!
– You enjoy cute puzzle games!
– You love free puzzle games!

صور LINE PokoPoko – Play with POKOTA! Free puzzler!

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